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Local florist Kassie Peterson will travel to Washington, DC, where she will join the White House decorating team in preparation for Christmas. Karen Brasherman, Miss. - The public is invited to visit the National Park Service's Christmas Tree Exhibition in Washington DC on December 4, 2017 and open the holiday season with a visit. Florist Kassies Peterson and her family are invited to a Christmas shopping event at the Washington D.C. National Parks Service (WDSS) office, which will kick off the holiday season on November 24, 2016, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in front of the Capitol.

Centrally located at 100 Lee Blvd., the store is hosting a special event and is working with Operation Service as part of the organization's Trees for Soldiers program, which provides free Christmas trees to active military and retired veterans.

Visitors can receive one of three door prizes and gifts, and select Christmas decorations are 20 percent off. Mountain Cabela's is the heart of the nature conservation, opening its showroom to athletes who are committed to conservation. A great way to enjoy the mountain is to challenge your children to count all the animals on it, as it contains about 100 animals. Birthday parties can go on a scavenger hunt as part of the event, a great way to evoke memories with those who love nature.

He said the service had been on Peterson's radar for several years and that the plan was to expand the reach of the community program. It's something we were interested in, but we weren't able to work with them to get selected, "Peterson said. Peterson and his wife, Joe Peterson Jr., began the operations to thank U.S. servicemen and women for their service.

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If there is a mandate in the area of the business you want to visit, a mask is required. In public areas where masks are required, we ask all visitors to our store to wear face coverings during their shopping. We also ask customers to maintain a social distance from other facilities in and outside our stores. If there are mandates in an area we want to go to, no area requires masks.

However, for the safety of our staff and other guests, we encourage everyone to wear them when visiting us. In dealing with health emergencies, we will continue to maintain our high standards of cleanliness and increase the number of surfaces we frequently touch, such as countertops, doors, windows and doors. At Ron's Repair Service we have a team of mechanics who will examine the make and model of your car and enable you to make informed decisions. Before you buy, your inspection expert will be able to perform a safety check on all cars of all makes and models.

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