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Minnesota is not short of attractions, and the state is home to a number of unique museums, historic sites and tributes that preserve the past and allow visitors to experience it for themselves in the Southern Lakes region of Minnesota.

The Orphanage Museum is part of the West Hills campus, which also includes the University of Minnesota - Owatonna, Minnesota State University - St. Cloud and the College of Veterinary Medicine. You can walk through the museum to learn more about the history of the former orphanage Or and its impact on the lives of children and families in the Southern Lakes region. Ow atonna offers a number of opportunities to step back in time and experience the past, including the Natural History Museum, Museum of Art and History, Art Gallery and Children's Museum, and a public library.

The museum, which will open on May 27 for the season, was renamed in 2014 after Nicolelli, the founder of the museum. The Paul Bunyan Historical Museum is located in the center of the University of Minnesota - West Hills Campus in Owatonna. It is about 1.80 meters tall and shows rotating exhibits about the life and work of one of America's most famous heroes.

The University of Minnesota - West Hills campus in Owatonna In addition to the "University of Minnesota," Minnesota has 51,147 students in 2013-14 and is one of the largest public universities in the Minnesota State University system. Opened in 2009, the university is the second largest in Minnesota and the third largest in North America. The University is the flagship institution within the University of Minnesota system, organizing more than 1,000 bachelor, graduate and vocational programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The campus of Minnesota State University - West Hills in Owatonna is located on the former site of the public school, which is now owned by the city of Ow Atonna. NRHP - listed as one of the top 10 museums in the state of Minnesota and the third largest museum in Minnesota.

From 1886 to 1945, more than 1,000 orphaned, abused, and abandoned children were sent to Owatonna from across the United States as part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They were taken to the poorest farms in the country to create facilities for children in need of medical care, education and social support. From 1886 to 1945, the number of orphans, children who were abused or neglected, soared. Between 1886 and 1945, more than 2,500 orphaned, abandoned, and abused children were sent to the University of Minnesota - West Hills, the largest and most prestigious public school in the country.

Today, the Owatonna campus is home to the Orphanage Museum, which was founded to commemorate the children who lived there. The museum exists because a former public school teacher named Harvey Ronglien believed that the stories of the children who lived in the public school and how they were treated should not be forgotten.

The state of Minnesota created the Chaplain - Wood State Park, which was later transferred to the city of Owatonna. The site was renamed West Hills and is now the administrative center of the city of Owatona. Known as Saint Paul, it has served as the home of many nonprofit and civil organizations, including the St. Paul Public Library, the Minnesota Museum of Natural History and many other organizations. After the renaming, it served as a home for various historic buildings, including the Ow Atonna Arts Center, as well as an educational center for students and staff.

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